Armagnac Castarède

Armagnac, France

Armagnac Castarède boasts an impressive legacy spanning over 175 years, making it the oldest Armagnac trading house. Established in 1832, this revered establishment has faithfully preserved the art of crafting Armagnac with unwavering dedication.

Armagnac, often likened to its more famous relative, Cognac, is a grape brandy originating from the Gascony region of France. What distinguishes Armagnac Castarède is its unwavering commitment to traditional production methods. The spirit is meticulously distilled from white wine using a distinctive continuous still, capturing the essence of the grapes and the terroir.

Castarède patiently ages its brandies in oak barrels, allowing them to develop complexity and character over time. The result is a range of Armagnacs that embody elegance and sophistication.

The Classic Collection from Armagnac Castarède offers a captivating journey through time. From the vibrant and youthful XO to the sumptuous 1989 vintage, each bottle narrates a unique story. The Classic Collection is a perfect choice for those who cherish the beauty of tradition and the evolution of flavor.

For connoisseurs in search of the extraordinary, the Vintage Selection is a true treasure trove. These Armagnacs are sourced from single vintages, enabling you to savor the subtleties of each year. With offerings dating back to 1888, it’s like sipping on history with every glass.

Armagnac Castarède occasionally unveils limited editions, which showcase the artistry of their cellar master. These bottles are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, making them a rare and prestigious addition to any collection.

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