Bodegas Forjas del Salnés

Rias Baixas, Spain

Just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean in the Val do Salnés region of northern Rias Baixas, you’ll find this winery, which is owned by the Méndez family. Rodrigo Méndez, a fifth-generation winemaker hailing from the charming fishing village of Meaño in Val do Salnés, the coastal heart of the DO Rias Baixas, is at the helm. He acquires the vineyard parcels he tends through long standing family connections, often from families who have moved away from winemaking.

The soil in his vineyards consists of granitic sand, covered by a layer of humus, resting on granite bedrock. This soil is exceptionally poor and well-draining, making it a tough environment for grapevines, and even phylloxera can’t survive here. As a result, many of the vineyards are deceptively old, some dating back up to 200 years. Even his joven Albariño wine comes from vines with an average age of 40 years. The revival of century-old vineyards planted with indigenous red grape varieties like Caíño, Espadeiro, and Loureiro, along with white Albariño vines from old plots, forms the foundation of their wines. These wines are a true reflection of the terroir, offering freshness, perfect minerality, and a rich sensory experience.

Rather than subjecting the wine to malolactic fermentation, Rodrigo takes the daring approach of allowing his grapes to hang on the vines longer than his neighbors in the region. This extended ripening period allows the natural weight and viscosity of the wine to balance the sharp acidity characteristic of this maritime zone. While this approach carries risks and demands exceptional expertise, the end result is a wine that embodies the essence of the sea and the winds – an unmistakable expression of Salnés.

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