Champagne Nowack

Champagne, France

Flavien Nowack embarked on a transformative journey for his family’s estate back in 2011. His mission was crystal clear: to produce Champagnes that truly encapsulated the essence of the land, focusing on individual vintage and specific parcels of grapes. He was unwavering in his commitment to the purest expression of terroir, employing organic farming methods and refraining from chaptalization and malo-lactic fermentation.

To achieve this, Flavien relied on the natural yeast found in the unfermented grape must to kickstart the secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in Champagnes with lower pressure compared to the norm. This approach highlighted the vinous character of these remarkably soft and delicate wines. He was resolute in not chaptalizing and avoiding malo-lactic fermentation, showcasing his dedication to this unique winemaking style. His vision was that of a young talent with a strong sense of purpose.

Flavien Nowack’s family had been crafting traditional, blended Champagnes in the Marne Valley for generations. Their estate, nestled in Vandières village, predominantly boasted Pinot Meunier vines (75%), with the remainder divided between Chardonnay (25%) and Pinot Noir (10%). Drawing inspiration from younger generation grower-producers like Emmanuel Brochet, Flavien progressively transformed the family estate, one parcel at a time, towards a grower-centric approach. His focus was on organic farming, minimal cellar intervention, and crafting wines from individual parcels and vintages. Year after year, since 2011, he meticulously selected one parcel from the family estate, converting it to organic farming, and vinifying it in a manner that captured its unique character.

Simultaneously, driven by his desire to explore the diverse viticultural landscape of the Marne Valley, he introduced a second range in his portfolio known as “Cru d’Origine,” highlighting wines from a single village. These wines blended grapes from his own vineyards with those from like-minded, organic growers, creating a platform for exploration. The inaugural release of the Cru d’Origine series had its spotlight on his hometown, Vandières.

All three of Flavien’s crus shared the same elevation, ranging from 100 to 120 meters, and were situated on marne subsoil, 1.5 to 2 meters below the surface. His winemaking process involved fermenting two-thirds of the grapes in tanks and one-third in 228-liter barrels, with no new oak introduced. Flavien meticulously retained only the cuvée from the press to craft his exceptional Champagnes.

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