Clos Cibonne

Provence, France

Clos Cibonne stands out not just as a unique property nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Provence, but also as a remarkable exception in all of France. For centuries, Clos Cibonne has boldly charted its own distinctive course, remaining steadfast in the art of crafting rosé wines that can age gracefully. It is this spirit of independence and originality that has elevated Clos Cibonne to the status of one of the most coveted boutique wineries in France, with demand far surpassing their limited production.

The roots of Clos Cibonne trace back to the year 1797 when the Roux Family acquired the estate from Jean Baptiste de Cibon, a former captain in Louis XVI’s royal marines. In 1930, André Roux ushered in a modern era for the winery, determined to create high-quality wines on the estate. This transformation marked the beginning of Clos Cibonne’s rise to prominence in the world of rosé.

In more recent times, the estate faced challenges and wandered without a clear direction until Bridget, André Roux’s granddaughter, and her husband, Claude Deforge, assumed control in the late 1990s. Their primary objective was to restore the estate to its former glory. Through renovations of the cellars while preserving the tradition of aging in old foudres (large wooden barrels), the family embarked on the journey to reestablish the esteemed reputation of the domaine. Thanks to their unwavering dedication, Clos Cibonne has once again reclaimed its position as one of the 18 Cru Classés in Côtes de Provence.

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