Domaine Claude Dugat

Burgundy, France

Claude Dugat, a renowned producer in the Gevrey-Chambertin area of Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits, has gained a cult following for crafting a limited number of exceptional wines exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape. The most highly sought-after offerings from this small estate hail from specific grand cru vineyards.

Situated right in the heart of Burgundy, this esteemed winery was established in 1955 when Claude Dugat’s father, Maurice, acquired a 13th-century building that had previously stored agricultural tithes for the church. He transformed it into a winemaking facility and cellar.

Domaine Claude Dugat has mastered the essence of Burgundian terroir, carefully nurturing Pinot Noir vines that produce grapes of unparalleled quality and character.

At Domaine Claude Dugat, Pinot Noir isn’t merely a grape variety; it’s an art form. Their Pinot Noirs transport you to the picturesque vineyards of the Gevrey-Chambertin appellation.

In a time when winemaking technology is advancing rapidly, Domaine Claude Dugat remains steadfast in its commitment to tradition. From hand-harvesting grapes to aging them in meticulously selected oak barrels, every step of the winemaking process reflects their unwavering dedication.

Since 2013, they’ve shifted their farming methods to emphasize organics and have embraced biodynamic principles. Inside the winery, a focus on purity has led to decisions that limit the use of sulfur, chaptalization, and acidification. By harvesting grapes earlier, practicing restrained extraction, and tempering oak influence, the new generation of Dugat wines embodies classic style, striking a harmonious balance between power and finesse.

The Domaine’s vineyard practices are exceptionally precise. Grapes are fully destemmed, and fermentation begins relatively quickly. The cap is gently punched down twice a day, with minimal or no pumping over.

Domaine Claude Dugat bottles three grand cru reds from Griotte-Chambertin, Chapelle-Chambertin, and Charmes-Chambertin, along with two premier cru wines, a Gevrey-Chambertin Villages, and a Bourgogne Rouge. The Bourgogne Rouge is aged exclusively in one-year-old oak barrels, while the Villages wine matures in a blend of new and one-year-old casks. All the premier and grand cru wines receive entirely new oak. These wines’ clarity and precision reveal a level of refinement rarely encountered in Gevrey-Chambertin.

Domaine Claude Dugat wines are imported into Canada by Domaine Selections. Contact us today!