Domaine Daniel Etienne Defaix

Bordeaux, France

The Defaix estate, a family-owned and operated winery deeply entrenched in winemaking tradition, occupies a 28-hectare property. This estate not only houses a significant number of ancient vine plants but also possesses 3 Premier Crus (Les Lys, Vaillon, and Côte de Léchet) and 2 Grand Crus (Blanchot and Grenouilles). Its roots trace back to over 1,000 years ago when Cistercian monks first began cultivating it, making its history closely intertwined with that of Chablis itself.

For the past four centuries, the Defaix family has held ownership of the domaine, passing it down from father to son, a tradition that continues to this day. Under the leadership of Daniél-Étienne at present, this establishment ranks among the finest wineries in one of the most renowned wine-producing regions globally.

Despite having a 400-year-old family legacy, Daniel-Étienne remains a pioneer in his hometown. Unlike most well-known producers in the region who age their wines in oak barrels, the Defaix estate completely avoids the use of wood in crafting their Chablis. Instead, they allow the wines to rest on the lees for a considerably longer duration than the majority of white wines in the region, followed by an extended aging process. In the case of their Premier and Grand Crus, it can be more than a decade before these exceptional wines even make it to market. Consequently, these wines not only offer a pure and unadulterated expression of the terroir but also showcase remarkable maturity and development, deserving of high praise and recognition.

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