Domaine de Closiers

Loire, France

Domaine des Closiers in Saumur-Champigny is one of the most exciting wineries along the Loire River. It was established in 2018 by Anatole de la Brosse, a true wine enthusiast who initially pursued a career in oenology before transitioning into management consulting.

In a typical management consultant fashion, Anatole initiated this project by collaborating with two renowned figures in the world of Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. The first is Michel Chevré, who worked closely with Thierry Germain for many years, assisting in the development of his Biodynamic winemaking practices at Clos L’Ecotard. The second is Nady Foucault, who, along with his late brother Charly, managed the legendary Clos Rougeard estate until its sale in 2017.

Situated in Parnay, one of the key villages at the heart of Saumur Champigny, this estate stands out from the rest of the appellation. Unlike the predominantly flat terrain of the region, Parnay boasts hillside vineyards that impart a unique character and robustness to the wines produced here.

When de la Brosse acquired the winery, it already possessed 15 hectares of mature vineyards with an average vine age of 35 years. Without delay, they transitioned to Organic and Biodynamic viticulture with their very first vintage in 2019.

Following the tradition of esteemed French Domaines, the grapes are meticulously hand-harvested, and the fermentations rely on naturally occurring yeasts. The maceration process involves extended skin contact, lasting approximately one month, enhancing the wines’ complexity and structure. Depending on the cuvée, the wines are aged either in tanks or predominantly in old oak barrels.

For their top-tier cuvées, Coudraies and Trezellieres, the wines are aged in oak for 12 to 24 months, ensuring that they are crafted to stand the test of time.

Domaine de Closiers wines are imported into Canada by Domaine Selections. Contact us today!