Domaine de Pallus

Loire, France

Bertrand Sourdais stands out as one of the world’s premier Cabernet Franc producers today. His journey began at Pallus, his childhood home, but he ventured to Spain after completing his enology studies in Bordeaux. Despite gaining fame in Spain, Bertrand’s heart remained devoted to his native Chinon and its iconic grape, Cabernet Franc.

In the early 2000s, as his father’s retirement approached, Bertrand embraced the challenge of creating something extraordinary at Pallus. Having questioned conventional practices in Spain, he returned to Pallus with the belief that he could forge a new path.

His ultimate objective was to pay homage to Chinon’s unique terroir and ancient winemaking traditions. However, he recognized that achieving this goal required rectifying the shortcomings of traditional methods in the region while avoiding the pitfalls often associated with modern approaches.

Bertrand embarked on his mission in the autumn of 2003. Right from the beginning, he focused on cultivating harmony and equilibrium in the vineyards, relentlessly seeking to unlock the potential of each grapevine. While biodynamics have become a valuable tool for many Loire Valley growers, they were just the initial step in Bertrand’s journey to guide his vineyards in the right direction.

He completely reimagined the winemaking process, often reverting to techniques favored by earlier generations. He employed extended macerations, sometimes lasting an astonishing forty days, to capture the authentic essence of Chinon. Similarly, the aging process was prolonged and gentle, with a primary focus on using used barrels from prestigious Burgundy estates. Bertrand handled the wines with minimal intervention, and they were bottled later than most other Chinon producers.

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