Domaine Dupont Fahn

Burgundy, France

Domaine Dupont Fahn can be discovered in the picturesque village of Monthèlie, nestled beside the famous wine village of Meursault. The estate encompasses a total of four hectares of vineyards, with one hectare in Monthèlie, one and a half hectares in Meursault, nearly another hectare and a half in Auxey-Duresses, and a small piece of land in Puligny-Montrachet. The talented young winemaker, Michel Dupont, initially developed his winemaking skills on his family’s estate. Notably, his mother comes from an American family with a rich history in wine importing, and it’s through this combination of names that Domaine Dupont-Fahn came into existence.

Raymond Dupont-Fahn, who took over the family vineyard, has made impressive progress in producing wines that surpass expectations. Despite owning only one Premier Cru vineyard in Puligny Les Folatieres, his careful winemaking of various lieux-dits (small vineyard plots) demonstrates exceptional uniqueness and refinement. Among these vineyards, one holds a special place in his heart – Bourgogne ‘Chaumes des Perrieres.’ Essentially, it’s a declassified Meursault Dos d’Ane, with part of the land also overlapping with the Chaumes des Perrieres site.

Interestingly, this plot was left unused when his grandfather, Jean, acquired it in 1975. At that time, Jean considered the topsoil too shallow and obtained permission from the INAO to add a 20 cm layer of topsoil, which was granted. However, this decision sparked strong opposition from local growers, resulting in the site’s reclassification as a Bourgogne appellation.

Nevertheless, despite the declassification, this site continues to shine, situated just above Coche-Dury’s own vineyards. The roots delve deep beneath the rocky surface of Les Dos d’Ane, benefiting from the unique climate and terroir of Chaumes des Perrieres.

Under Raymond’s guidance, there has been a significant reduction in the use of new oak, down from 40% used by his father to just 10%, using barrels no older than three years. He steadfastly avoids the use of pesticides in the vineyards, striving for sustainability, and opts for slightly earlier harvests to craft wines with heightened acidity and lower alcohol content. In summary, these are wines that embody remarkable balance and precision.

Les Clous, perched at the highest elevation in Meursault, boasts an exceptionally hard limestone terroir. This cuvée is the result of 85-year-old Chardonnay vines, reflecting the essence of this unique vineyard.

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