Domaine François Carillon

Burgundy, France

The François Carillon estate represents the enduring heritage of the Carillon family, who have resided in Puligny-Montrachet since the 16th century. Today, the estate encompasses over 16 hectares of land, with Chardonnay vines covering 90% of it, while the remaining portion is evenly divided between Pinot Noir and Aligoté.

Renowned in Puligny-Montrachet for the finesse and precision of their wines, François Carillon channels his energy into continually enhancing the quality of his products. Supported by a dedicated team of around twelve individuals, he is dedicated to furthering the growth of the family estate, ensuring the vineyard’s future by passing down his expertise and passion for his craft to his four children.

The Carillon family has been cultivating vines in the Puligny-Montrachet region for nearly five centuries. Historical records provide evidence of the vineyard work and the life of Jean Carillon dating back to 1520. The family’s commitment to working the land and tending to the vines persisted until the phylloxera crisis in the late 19th century. During that challenging period, Prosper and Jeanne Carillon temporarily left the village to work in Chartres to make ends meet, returning as soon as they could. After the First World War, the entire estate was replanted. In the 1960s, Louis Carillon shifted away from mixed farming and livestock and instead focused predominantly on cultivating Chardonnay.

François took over the management of the family’s vineyards in 1988, working alongside his father and brother Jacques until 2010 when the estate was divided between the two brothers.

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