Domaine Guy Robin

Chablis, France

In the early 2000s, Marie-Ange Robin faced a significant decision. She had to choose between staying in Paris to pursue a successful career as a fine art dealer or returning to her hometown of Chablis to manage the family winery. This choice not only had an impact on her family’s prosperity but also played a crucial role in preserving a vital piece of Chablis’ history.

Today, Domaine Guy Robin et Fils stands as a rejuvenated winery, with Marie-Ange representing the fourth generation of vine growers in her family. While her father, Guy, painstakingly expanded the family estate over time, it was Marie-Ange who elevated the winery to the greatness it was destined for.

Marie-Ange fondly recalls her parents planting the family’s vines during the late 1950s and 1960s. This period was marked by many Chablis growers giving up and leaving the village due to the arduous labor and repeated destructive frosts in this northern wine region. However, Marie-Ange’s parents persevered through these challenges.

Thanks to her family’s unwavering dedication, Domaine Robin now boasts the most prestigious and grand cru vineyard land in Chablis, second only to the neighboring William Fevre. Furthermore, they own some of the oldest Chardonnay vines in the region. Consequently, Robin Chablis wines have a captivating, richly textured quality that sets them apart—they are luxurious, substantial, and represent serious expressions of Chablis. In summary, there are very few other estates that offer Chablis wines with the character and complexity of those produced from their old-vine vineyards.

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