Domaine La Suffrène

Provence, France

Domaine La Suffrène, situated within the Bandol AOC, is a family-owned estate that beautifully blends tradition and modernity. The family has held these vineyards for well over a century. The story began after the war when Mr. Piche, a young farmer, embarked on expanding the vineyard. He stands as one of the pioneering figures in the Bandol appellation. Fast forward to 1996, and his grandson, Cédric Gravier, took the reins of the estate, overseeing the construction of the cellar as it stands today. Since that time, he has been responsible for managing both the production and marketing of their wines.

The Bandol AOC is widely regarded as one of the finest terroirs in Provence for crafting rosé wines. Many, myself included, would enthusiastically concur with this assertion.

The Bandol region enjoys a stellar reputation within the vineyards of Provence, owed in large part to its highly favorable microclimate and the prominence of the ‘Le Mourvedre’ grape variety. The Bandol designation holds the distinction of being one of the oldest protected designations of origin (AOC) in France, a recognition dating back to 1941.

The exceptional quality of the wines also owes much to stringent specifications, featuring low yields and hand-harvesting methods that enable a meticulous selection of grapes. The vineyard, characterized by its fragmented layout, often on hillsides and cultivated in the traditional goblet formation, demands a significant amount of manual labor, thereby upholding the cherished traditions of the appellation.

Domaine La Suffrène wines are imported into Canada by Domaine Selections. Contact us today!