Domaine Testut

Chablis, France

Philippe Testut, the man responsible for founding “Chateau Grenouille,” established this estate back in 1967. In 1998, his son Cyril took charge of the vineyards and expanded them to cover a total of 13 hectares. The Domaine Testut and its vines are located on some of the finest Kimmeridgian limestone soils, occupying the historic heartland of vineyards that were originally tended by Cistercian monks. This area is renowned for producing some of the world’s most exceptional wines. The unique terroir of this region imparts the wines with their traditional flavors, characterized by minerality and a refreshing sharpness.

Situated possibly in the finest Chablis AC vineyard in the area, this location is nestled between the Grand Cru Blanchot and the 1er Cru of Montée de Tonnerre. It was only a few years ago that the Testut family regained control of their small portion of the renowned Grand Cru Grenouilles vineyard. In the 1970s, due to family disagreements, the vineyards were leased to William Fèvre, who held ownership for the next three decades. Today, it has been reclaimed by one of the most esteemed wineries in Chablis.

Robert Parker described this terroir as ‘among the very best in the region,’ noting that it ‘delivers an excellent combination of style and concentration without compromising on its richness and depth, all while maintaining exceptional balance and a touch of elegance.’

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