Domaine Thomas-Collardot

Puligny-Montrachet, France
Located in the heart of Puligny-Montrachet, one of the most prestigious villages in the Côte de Beaune, Domaine Thomas-Collardot has been under the stewardship of Jacqueline Collardot since 2010. The family has owned the vineyards for three generations, with Jacqueline’s father, Pierre Thomas, overseeing the Domaine until 1992. Subsequently, it was leased to his cousins until Jacqueline, having completed a training course at the CFPPA in Beaune in 2010, reclaimed control of the vineyards. In 2018, her son, Matthieu, joined the domain.

The Domaine boasts 2.5 hectares spread across twelve plots, predominantly featuring clay and limestone soils. The vine age averages 39 years, with the oldest vines, over 90 years old, situated in the “Les Enseignères” parcel. Jacqueline meticulously tends to each parcel, employing sustainable methods, with all work conducted by hand or horse. Due to the impact of global warming, harvests are initiated earlier, and grapes are handpicked in the morning to preserve their freshness and quality.

The harvested grapes are delicately placed in small crates and transported to the winery. Once there, they undergo a gentle, prolonged pressing in the press to safeguard their aromas and primary flavors. Subsequently, the juice spends 24 hours in tempered steel tanks with the assistance of gravity. Maturation takes place in 228-litre barrels within a compact, air-conditioned wine cellar. To capture the full expression of the terroir, the Domaine favors barrels that have previously housed 2, 3, or 4 other vintages. However, they renew the oldest barrels annually, introducing medium and long toasting new ones. Burgundy White wines mature on fine lees for 10 months, while Village and Premier Cru varieties mature for 16 months before transitioning to stainless steel vats.

Domaine Thomas-Collardot wines are imported into Canada by Domaine Selections. Contact us today!