Podere Il Palazzino

Tuscany, Italy

Podere Il Palazzino, situated in Monti in Chianti, is owned by Alessandro and Andrea Sderci, with the young Edoardo, Alessandro’s son, also playing a key role in its management. It’s located 20 kilometers northeast of Siena, in the southern region of Chianti near Gaiole.

This estate is part of a network of farms and country residences that were constructed or renovated during the 18th century as part of a land reform initiative by Leopold Hapsburg-Lorraine, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The Sderci family took ownership of the estate in the mid-19th century. However, wine production and sales didn’t begin until the early 1970s, when Alessandro and Andrea assumed control.

During this time, the first vineyards were planted, replacing the previous practice of interspersing grapevines with olive trees and cultivating crops in the spaces between rows of trees and vines. Since the original cellar was not spacious enough, a new underground cellar was constructed beneath the homestead’s garden.

Il Palazzino is characterized by its traditional style, but it also adheres to a strong organic approach to viticulture, which has been enthusiastically promoted by the young Edoardo. Starting from 2014, a new line of wines has been labeled under the name of Edoardo Sderci. These wines follow an extremely natural approach, using only indigenous yeast and containing low or no added sulfites. The estate is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices, meticulously managing the canopy, soil, and grape yield.

Notably, the estate is not only certified organic, but it also produces wines with the utmost respect for the unique qualities of its soils and vineyards, embracing a natural approach to vinification. Sulfur dioxide is kept to a minimum in the cellar, and no other additives are introduced to the wine. Alcoholic fermentation relies solely on wild yeast, with minimal intervention to encourage natural fermentation. All forms of filtration have been eliminated.

The flagship wine of the estate, Chianti Classico Grosso Sanese, initially debuted in 1981 as a “super Tuscan” but later became one of the two Chianti Classico wines offered by Il Palazzino, alongside Chianti Classico Argenina. Additionally, the estate offers three IGT/proprietary wines and a Vin Santo del Chianti.

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