Pont Neuf

California, USA

Douglas and Mary Danielak forged a connection between the Old World and the New World by bringing their experiences from Burgundy back to California. They lived in Burgundy, attended school there, and apprenticed under the experts, absorbing the core principles that define exceptional Burgundy wines: maintaining low yields, utilizing French grape clones, emphasizing distinct terroirs, and embracing a patient winemaking process known as ‘levage.’

The lifestyle of the ‘Vigneron’ in France also deeply resonated with them. In France, a Vigneron encompasses the entire winemaking cycle, from caring for the vines and harvesting grapes to nurturing the wines and welcoming customers at the cellar door. Essentially, they serve as viticulturist, enologist, and marketing department all rolled into one.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced that remarkable moment when a Burgundy wine, whether it’s Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, left you utterly captivated, wishing the bottle would never run dry. There’s a certain progression in one’s wine appreciation journey that leads people to these varietals. They offer a unique combination of rich texture, impeccable balance, the pure essence of fruit, and enchanting aromas, redefining the notions of strength and intensity in wine. This same progression inspired Douglas and Mary to craft wines that embody the finesse and balance of Burgundy while harnessing the unadulterated intensity of California.

Douglas and Mary Danielak elucidate, ‘Pont Neuf was born from our aspiration to create Californian wines with a distinctly French touch. We aimed to convey the bold flavors of California while transparently showcasing our winemaking techniques, allowing the character of our unique terroir to shine through in the final product. When choosing vineyards for Pont Neuf, we sought single-vineyard sites with quality potential equivalent to Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. Our selection of grape clones, consideration of climate, and meticulous farming practices in each vineyard are pivotal in producing wines that echo the structure of Burgundy wines after undergoing malolactic fermentation. We brought with us the methods that yield wines with distinct personalities, wines that stir the soul, embodying a signature reminiscent of character-rich French wines. Our use of native yeasts, deliberate and gradual malolactic fermentation, and a philosophy of minimal intervention allow the grapes and terroir to narrate their own story. Those who follow Pont Neuf will discover wines characterized by elegance and tradition, infused with the vibrancy and innovation that is uniquely Californian.’

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