Terre Porziane Colle Gaio

Rome, Italy

After six generations deeply involved in the world of wine as both merchants and producers, the Pulcini family made the pivotal decision to establish their very own winery. This momentous step took place in 1974, with Antonio Pulcini assuming the dual responsibilities of overseeing technical operations and handling the commercial aspects. This marked the inception of Colli di Catone, where Antonio drew upon the accumulated wisdom and expertise passed down through generations of his family’s wine producers and merchants.

Colli di Catone, formerly known as Terre Porziane, quickly gained recognition and success. By the early 1980s, the winery had expanded its reach, exporting a remarkable 90% of its production to 33 different countries. In 1983, Antonio made a significant move by acquiring Colle Gaio, where he embarked on producing white wines exclusively from the native ‘Malvasia del Lazio’ grape variety for the first time. One of the standout features of these wines was their exceptional capacity to mature, evolving with time to develop surprising richness and complexity.

The vineyard at Colle Gaio boasts volcanic soils, abundant in essential elements like potassium and phosphorus. Despite their quick-draining nature, these soils retain sufficient moisture to nourish the vines even during periods of drought. The high mineral content in the soil plays a crucial role in fostering the production of top-quality grapes. The Colle Gaio vineyard spans a 3-hectare slope facing the North-East, situated in the commune of Monte Porzio Catone at an elevation of 400 meters above sea level. Locally, it is esteemed as one of the finest crus in the Frascati region. Pruning is kept short, and extensive summer bunch thinning ensures that yields are limited to a mere 20 hectoliters per hectare.

The grape bunches undergo meticulous hand selection and harvesting. After destemming, they are gently crushed and subjected to a 72-hour cold maceration process. Subsequently, the grape must is delicately pressed using a pneumatic press, followed by a slow fermentation at low temperatures. The resulting wine is then stored in stainless steel tanks until the beginning of the next vintage, at which point it is bottled. These bottles of Colle Gaio continue their maturation within caves carved into Tufa rock, where the temperature remains a constant 15°C.

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