Terres de Vidalba

Priorat, Spain

Terres De Vidalba came into being in 1996 as a family endeavor in the Barranc de la Bruixa area adopting a combination of organic and biodynamic principles. The property spans 11 hectares and was formerly an old farm nestled within a forest. The estate benefits from a favorable east-southeast orientation, situated at an ideal elevation of 430-480 meters above sea level. This elevation ensures a consistent thermal balance between day and night. The soil, primarily composed of slate, boasts excellent drainage capabilities, allowing the vines to establish deep roots. The overall terroir lends itself perfectly to the gradual ripening of fruits, resulting in wines with a balanced acidity and refreshing character.

The management of the entire farm, from pruning to tending the canopy, is carefully supervised by two generations of the family. Their goal is to maintain the unique character of each vineyard and adapt to the demands of each season. The winery specializes in crafting high-quality black Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and White Grenache wines. They follow a highly respectful approach to viticulture, striving to achieve an optimal balance in the vineyards and meticulously managing yields. Harvesting is carried out in small batches to ensure that only healthy and fully ripe grapes are selected for winemaking. Each small batch from the harvest is vinified separately to maintain its distinct qualities.

Terres de Vidalba wines are imported into Canada by Domaine Selections. Contact us today!